Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Our December so Far - In Picture

The kids and I waiting for Santa at their preschool Christmas party.

Jack and Hamish receiving their present from Santa. It was a calico bag with one of the teachers drawings printed on it. Hamish then went around pilfering food from other peoples picnic to fill his bag with and then proceeded to go back and feed Santa for the next 1/2 hour. NOTE: how excited does Hamish look ... and so cute that he likes to hug Santa thank-you

Polly and Fred having a snuggle at the preschool Christmas party.

Carmen and I having a snuggle at the preschool Christmas party.

Our street closes off the street and has a Christmas party every year. This year we went one step further and hired a jumping castle for four hours. This is just after set-up unfortunately I didn't get any photos of it in full swing with all 14 kids from the street (and a few ring-ins) on it at the same time.

Just a shot of Hamish opening his present (a butterfly net and some Dora Uno cards) mainly this shows a portion of the kids that were at the party ... as you can see the whole thing happens in the middle of the street.

Jack at his preschool graduation afternoon tea with a few of his friends. The girl standing next to him is Tash, she and Jack have become really close this year and they seem to have this great little understanding of each other. Its really sweet to watch.

It was Andrews and my anniversary last weekend. We don't usually celebrate much and so Andrew went to his yearly golf game in the morning and the kids and I baked mince pies for daddy. He came home with a huge box of cherries. We might not celebrate but our tummies did.

On the weekend I found a totem tennis at a garage sale complete with bats and ball. I pulled a brick out of our paving and set it up today. Here is Hamish getting the hang of it. Bless his every time he hit it he would jump around yelling "I did it" and then the ball would fly around and whack him ... he didn't even notice.
Last but not least Jack also trying that totem tennis. It took him a little while but once he did he looked like a pro :)

This could well be my last post until after Christmas. So Merry Christmas all, I hope you are ready for the silly season and manage to get a little silly yourself.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

Just a quick note to tell you that I still love you and think of you often.  You are still my favourite and my best spot to put all of those random thoughts, ideas and musing that need a place to live.  I can imagine that you must be feeling quite neglected at the moment.  So what have I been up to that has kept me from you.

1.  Life
2. Death
3. School
4. Preschool
5. Xmas

All of which have been happening with various degrees of speed and depth.

So please take this apology and statement of devotion and know that I will endeavor to speak to you soon.

Lots of love,
Me ...

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