Sunday, 31 August 2008


When Hamish was born his little feet were very bent.  When Akal our midwife looked at them she mentioned that she didn't want to make a big deal about it but his feet were slightly deformed and we should keep our eye on them. 

While we were away, I took this photo of his foot prints in the sand, they aren't completely straight but they look perfect to me.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Back from Blogger Mobile Blackout

I have submerged from the mobile blackout that blogger had imposed.  I don't know if you had noticed that most of my posts these days are from my blackberry, I just email my blogger account with any attachments and voila instant post without me having to be any where near my PC

While we were away it decided for some reason, that it wasn't going to let me post that way so it has been a bit quiet from me this week.

But it seems blogger is back and I am sure I will be able to think of a bunch of interesting bits a pieces to share, just not this minute xx

Monday, 25 August 2008

The Sun'll Come Out

The sun 'll come out tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
There'll be sun
- lyrics from Annie
I don't know if they are the exact lyrics, its the way I remember them, and they seemed appropriate, because the sun came out today and the wind slowed to a breeze. Finally on our beach holiday we get to sit on the beach and the kids get to build sand castles.

We pumped that little heater last night and we all slept well and warm. We have also learnt that one person must have a shower in each quarter of the day that way we all get a warm one.

Then this morning we went to the local resort and had a continental breakfast. I had forgotten how much I loved being able to have a plate of fruit, eggs, bacon and a glass of pineapple juice. Even though they are never the best food quality, once in a while its nice to have all that choice at breakfast.

So maybe today is the day for fishing reading and sand castles and yesterday was the day for great $5 jumpers, new swimmers, and remembering that the whole point of holidays is being together.

Gale Force Wind Warnings

Yep that's right gale force wind warnings for the mid north coast (exactly where we are). The waves are huge they are churning up the beaches leaving them inaccessible, the wind so strong and bitey that we are having trouble walking in it. Did I mention torrential rain as well! We always have interesting holidays. Thank the god of inventions for beanies and gum boot, can't believe I packed our swimmers just in case.

Other interesting points are that the cabin we are staying in is freezing, it comes with this teeny heater but I've felt hair dryers that have more heat (literally). Even the dogs holiday enclosure is heated at night. Actually we spent almost twice the amount on the dogs accommodation than we spent on our own, and we put them in the cheapest/best one we could find.

To top it off we had thought that we could do a day trip to Bellingen from here, but we hadn't accounted for the hour Shoal Bay was off the motorway so it would be a 4.5 hour drive not the 3 and a bit we had estimated, to far for a day trip

Oh well a change really is as good as a holiday, and its beautiful spending some extra time with each other. The kids are loving the adventure, Andrew and I are enjoying laughing at the catastrophe that is our holiday so far.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Mobile Blogging

I'm just doing a test that my Mobile blogging is working, I sent one a few hours ago and so far it hasn't come up on the blog.  So ignore this its just a bit of housekeeping

Friday, 22 August 2008

Were all Going on a Rainy Winter Holiday

Well, if it wasn't the yuckiest day we have had in a while i would be singing 'were all going on a summer holiday' because we are heading to the beach.

We are heading north to Shoal Bay, hopefully Andrew will be doing some fishing and relaxing, the boys will be doing some running and splashing and i will be doing some relaxing and reading.

So wish us some rain free time and not to much traffic for the drive. I will probably blog remotely but there is a chance i will be so busy relaxing that i just wont even think about it (how nice would that be)

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Til Death

She knows he is dying
Standing strong by his side
Hysteria tearing at her insides
He looks at her
With his soft grey eyes
Wishing he could take it away
Hoping she will stay
This is their life, their journey
No one knows how it will end
Except that she will stay
And he will not

I Love Amazon

My books arrived from amazon this morning. There really is nothing more satisfying that finding a package on your doorstep early in the morning.

I had ordered;
+ Fresh Milk by Fiona Giles
+ Leading Antenatal Classes by Judith Schott
+ Not quiet what I was Planning edited by Smith magazine

The first two are for my course and I'm excited because they are so different from the other books I have read so far. The last is the compilation of the six word memoirs, which reminds me, I'm still waiting on your six word memoirs. So far i have mine (Bore two boys and found myself) Lizs (survived first 30 enjoying the rest) and Nicks (One day I'm gonna grow wings)

So come one get your butts moving and share :) mind you I'll be busy reading my new books 'grin'

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I'm not going to Mt Isa

I don't know who saw this yesterday, but I am still reeling from the comments from the Mt Isa Major saying that beauty-disadvantaged women should head to Mt Isa because there are so many men they will be able to find someone willing to bonk them, well I'll let you read the exact quote but the term beauty-disadvantaged is all his.,23599,24193460-1248,00.html

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

That must mean its almost ready for release. Yippee that means its almost time for Andrew and i to go and see another movie :)

Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Toy from Hell

Thanks to my usually wonderful neighbour this toy entered our home on Hamishs birthday.  Our boys love cars so when I saw it I thought nothing of it UNTIL I saw the buttons on top.  I pressed the first and it made the car drive, cool, I pushed the second and this strong American accent shouts loudly 'I just can't get to much power' hmmm this is not exactly what I want to teach my boys about cars driving or life.

Unfortunately they love it ...... I guess its my version of a Barbie doll

'The System'

Today is all about learning patience with 'The System'. My aunt is in hospital and watching the way she is being treated is driving me mad.  A bit of back story; a few years ago Libby was diagnosed with terminal cancer in her chest, it then moved up to her brain as a result she stared to get slower, sleeping for most of the day and being less aware of the world around her.

A few days ago she didn't wake up, and by late afternoon they called the ambulance. So she went to hospital, and that's where my need to learn patience started. 

There has been no consolidation of her records, no one person seems to know what's going on with her,  she in a public hospital and it certainly leaves a lot to be desired.

Being a capricorn I like order and so I find this disorganisation incredibly frustrating.  Add to that I'm a carer, its why I choose to be a doula and the watching the care or lack there of of anyone let alone my aunt, is entirely to much to bear.

The other problem is that she is my Aunt, and I can't fix it for her in the same aggressive way I would if she was my mum. So I watch and help the best I can.

I don't know the answer! pay the nurses better hopefully meaning that helps with job satisfaction, bring more people to the profession meaning less patients per nurse, more funding, more quality control. 

Let me be very clear, my mum was a nurse and my cousins are nurses, I am not anti nurse at all, but some of these nurses seem to not care and the ones that do are to busy to do the kind of job we hope they will do if it was us in their care

At the moment all her family and I can do if fill the space the systems care leaves and make sure that she has what she needs to the best of our ability, but it has me thinking, if not for us then who would care for her? Who is caring for all the others?

Saturday, 16 August 2008

eBay Oddities

I think the above picture is beautiful, and it was made in a very interesting way check it out.

Interestingly i found this when another site linked to a listing of a woman selling a pair of knickers and a condom wrapper the listing was called;


We also have
The Travelling Gummy bear
The Poodle Painting
A Ghost in a bottle
And a holy Rockmelon

There is actually a category in eBay called weird stuff, next time you have an extra few moments of computer time its worth a trawl..... if you want to be amazed at peoples stupidity

Photo Update

Its been a while since I added some random photos just to show you how beautiful my wonderful boys are so here you go :)

Birthday boy eating Trishs wonderful birthday brownie

Jack and Scarlett and Hamishs party

The wonder of sparklers

My three men watching

Bugs i tell you Bugs

There is something weird going on between You Tube and Blogger and a few of the videos i have tried to link that didn't work at the time have now all come up in one hit. Now i know that everyone wanted to see the dramatic kitteh again but i deleted the 4 versions of that and i have left the evolution of dance so that is a plus, if any other weird videos pop up just ignore and i will get onto it ASAP.

PS Treen i don't mean real bugs :)

Evolution of Dance

Im sure most of you have seen this, its the most watched video on you tube, but i think its funny so im sharing :)

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Finding your Zen Place

I was just sitting here watching TV after a emotionally exhausting day and I noticed my toes twitching, flick flick flick. Not in some weird body twitching reflex but I'm twitching them.  As I write I have realised that my jaw hurts, I'm doing some kind weird jaw grinding.

Where is my Zen place, its been a while since I have seen it.

I think its one of the hard parts about being a mum.  You get used to being turned on ALL THE TIME and if your not careful, you have forget how to go onto standby and chill out in your Zen place.

Now you would think that noticing it would be enough but this isn't the first time I have noticed that my zen place and I keep missing each other, I think I will have to spend some time in my head searching and some time in my body learning where my standby switch is.

I wonder what others do to find there peace? am I so different? I don't think so, but perhaps I am more honest in showing it or less able to keep it inside, which ever it is, spiritual health should be on todays to do list soon before I have no teeth left.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Its a Grand Day for a Party

If only I had have chosen to have Hamishs party in the morning!
Firstly I would not have thought that having Trish and Antony over the night before was a good idea, but because it was in the afternoon I did think it was a good idea, which meant that I was to busy having a wonderful time laughing and drinking to remember that the reason we had had the catch up at our house was so I could cook the gigantic birthday cake and snickerdoodles. 

Secondly it was a beautiful sunny morning that turned into a rainy cold afternoon.

And most importantly the afternoon was when poor little Hamish spent his first ever party in the throes of a gastro bug (excuse the pun) which reared its head about 20 minutes after the guests arrived.  The
song its my party (and I'll cry if I want to) would have been so very apt if the words had been its my party (and I'll throw up if I want to).

To add insult to injury 20 seconds before I got the 'honey QUICK, vomit' call I had just dropped the entire plate of bugs on logs down my front, luckily saving most of them in the crook of my arm.  So while my mother in law (MIL) cleaned up celery, cream cheese and sultanas I rushed through the house with a vomit covered child screaming 'out of my way' to the 13 adults and 11 children that were in our two room house.

On the up side (I know I'm shocked there is one as well)
-the cake was pretty tasty if I do say so myself
-my MIL made some white christmas which I had never tried before and was surprised at how yum it was
-Trish made these great little savory muffins and super scrumptious Hommous and Beetroot dips, the leftovers of which became my dinner
-the kids all seemed to have a great time even Hamish in between bouts of vomiting
- the lolly bags were a hit and they only had two lollys in them
-my beautiful neighbours let the dogs hang out at their place so we could used both the front and back yard
- everyone came in spite of the weather
- everyone had gone and the house was clean again by 8pm so we got to have an early night, and god did we need one

All in all a great party vomit and all (photos to come)

PS. To all the parents that came if your kids come down with gastro I'm terribly sorry I truly had no idea, he didn't vomit until you came ....... Actually I reckon one of you brought it with you 'grin'

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Where o where is Dora

Who's idea was it to have a Dora the Explorer party? Oh yeah it was mine.  Well not completely when I asked Jack what sort of party Hamish would like he said a Dinosaur party, when I mentioned to Jack that I think he was the one into dinosaurs and I wanted him to pick what Hamish liked he then said fairies.  Now I have no problem with Hamish having a fairy party, if I had ever seen Hamish show any interest in anything about fairies.

After a bit more prodding Jack mentioned that Hamish had liked it when Dora dressed up as a fairy.  It was then that it came to me Dora the Explorer, of course, it was Hamishs favourite and his best.

Now in my mind what I needed was simple, print out pictures of Dora to stick onto paper bags for lolly bags, and a few more larger pictures to be part of his happy birthday sign, and lastly grab a Dora and Boots (Doras sidekick) figure to pop on top of his cake, easy peasy (yeah right)

The problem is the Dora figure that I thought I would be able to grab anywhere took me 10 different stops at shop after shop to find, and then all I could get was 'cowgirl Dora'

I thought that I would be able to find Dora everything, it seemed to me that Dora is everywhere, but for this last week Dora has been missing in action.

In the end the cowgirl Dora meant that once again I made a green cake, apparently it was tasty I haven't brought myself to eat it yet.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Cake Wrecks

Weird Weird Weird...... the cakes are weird, the messages are weird and to blog about it is weird to, where does she find all these cakes.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Happy Birthday Hamish

2 days old

1 year old

Taken today

Today my littlest boy turned two. It feels like forever that he has been with us and yet it feels like only yesterday that we met him, and two sounds so grown up. I know that most of you have read this already but here is the link to the story of Hamishs birth

Hamish my darling, the day you were born was the most wonderful sacred day of our families lives, happy birthday little man, love you so much xx

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

18 One Word Questions

I was on a forum that I rarely go on today and there was this one word quiz.  I didn't like 1/2 the questions cause they were boring (what colour hair do you have etc) but some were interesting I don't know why they are meant to be one word.  If you want to let me know your answers I'd love more than one word, but seeing I'm doing this while the kids are on the prowl I do it they way its meant to be done

1. Where is your cell phone? Hands (I love my blackberry)
2. Where is your partner? Bus (I hope)
3. Where is your mother? Cosmos
4. Where is your father? Beachhouse (lucky bugger)
5. Your dreams last night were? Scared
6. Dream/goal in life? Happiness
7. Fear? Alone
8. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happy
9. What you're not? Alone
10. One of your wish list items? Books (always books.... I think I have a problem)
11. You grew up? Free
12. The last thing you did? Dinner
13. What is your life like? Full
14. What is your current mood? Tired (pretty standard I guess)
15. Missing someone? Always
16. Love someone? Completely
17. Last time you laughed? Midday
18. Last time you cried? Midday

Monday, 4 August 2008

Quietly Thinking

Sitting quietly, thinking and planning
Who will I be?
What will I do?
Not quiet I'm only two
What is this thing?
Where is my mum?
How am I going to fill my tum?
I should got to bed :)

8 Great things in my Day

So here are the great things in my day today;

- A girlfriend and her kids came over and we drank coffee watched the kids and nattered about nothing, plus she brought lunch

- The kids and i went to a cafe had a Chai and baby chinos, then we to the op shop and i picked up a brit bear snuggly for $3 and three cute kids tops for $1 each.

- We then went to the little local toy shop and i finally figured out what to get Hamish for his birthday 'phew'

- We had Thai for dinner

- Treena wrote a hilarious blog post that culminated in the never to be forgotten phrase 'a wussbag army of puffins' (thanks for the reminder of how totally crazy you guys are my beautiful friend)

- Jack fell asleep listening to me telling him a story about Captain Jack, Daddy, the monster in the study, and the feather fairies (mums invention). There is something very satisfying sharing parts of my childhood with my children

- Hamish feel asleep after saying goodnight boobies. Hopefully he will remember through the night that they are asleep

- Last but not least Andrew let me borrow his PC so i got to blog sitting in the recliner

You know what that's not even the best day I've had in the last week or so. Funnily, I'm not feeling that light, I'm a bit sick and feel tired but when you look at it as the glass half full, i am very lucky

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Bigger Boys

Sitting at the park
They see the bigger boy
Enchanted by his tricks
And envious of his skill
They watch and learn
I wonder and worry
Feeling enchanted by him
And what's to come myself

Friday, 1 August 2008

Dramatic Kitteh

Ok ok i know enough with the cats already and i agree with you truly i do but this cat is super freaky and i needed to share. Actually i think i might have nightmares worrying about waking up with this cat sitting on my pillow looking at me like that

Dramatic Kitteh
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