Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Room

Good lord, while hanging out on the lounge today I came across this game/puzzle.

It was a complete and utter brain teaser, and when your brain isn't working (like mine today, I'll blog about the weekend later) it could seriously almost send you into meltdown.

So beware and click at your own peril!!!

Conversations with a 3 Year Old

This morning we were watching a fishing show and watching one of the fishermen pull a sea lice out of a fishes nose.

Me: Oh My God .. thats disgusting, seriously I feel like I'm going to be sick.
Hamish: (runs outside and comes back inside with a bucket) Here you go mummy, you be sick in bucket. (he then proceeds to clear toys off the lounge and make me a space) here you go mummy, you sick, sit down.

Aww that little boy just melts my heart

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Unhealthy Obsession

The other day I was waiting in my favourite breakfast cafe for a friend and two strange and slightly compulsive things have happened.

1. I spent 15 minutes cleaning - the cafe has an upstairs area that consists of two rooms 1 playroom with toys and books and cushions on the floor and another dining area, with old mishapen chairs, adult books, and general flotsem that seems to fill chill out areas.  Last week Andrew and I went there for breakfast and it was chaos up there books toys and old plates everywhere.  Now one of the things we like about up there is its a place where people let their kids go wild, but I still want some sense of order so I don't feel like I am eating my breakfast in a hovel.

So while I was waiting for my friend I started tidying, I had no intention of doing much, just chucking a few toys back in the play space and making room on the dining table, but 15 minutes later I had stacked the books in order, refilled the sugars and moved the furniture so that the room was set out as I like it ... So slightly compulsive :)

2. As I was tidying the books I found a copy of John Wyndams - Day of the Triffids, and I wanted to take it home - ok its not as bad as it seems, the cafe is happy for you to take books home and I have often taken a few old books in there so its not stealing.  The issue is that I already have 4 copies of Day of the Triffids.  It seems that I have a Day of the Triffids obsession, every time I see a new version I want it and this one was one I didn't have, but it was covered in plastic, had the first 3 pages missing and a few ripped pages, still it took me the 3 hours we were there to decide whether to take it or not, I decided to take a copy of Rozencrantz and Guildenstren are dead instead, I still wonder if it might have been to much to take both...

Sometimes my strange ways even seem strange to me *grin*

What a Lovely Day for a Wedding

I love love love this video, it reminds me of how i think wedding days should be, just everyone celebrating being joyous and laughing.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Blogs, Babies and Business

On hindsight, the title of this post sounds far more interesting that the post is actually going to be.

I am having another one of those periods, where blogging is taking a back foot to submitting course work, writing, my babies, and generally living the life we have chosen. I have no complaints, the work I have submitted over the last week has been well received and the results are pleasing. I have taken a new interest in the creative writing I am doing, the pieces I am writing don't seem to 'fit' with the blog so I am keeping them to myself for the moment. Lastly the babies well they are just being beautiful wild little boys who blow my mind as often with their sweetness as they do their madness.

I haven't even taken any photos to do a photo post in lieu of anything that is actually interesting to other people *grin*

So I am going to add a photo of my desk and bookshelf so you can see the madness, that is my workspace and it does reflect the reason that my brain is sometime is total chaos.

(this post could be the winner of my most random blog post ever, with the exception of man cooks chicken)

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

She was Lonely

The more she thought about it the more she had to admit she was lonely, not in the common sense of the word, she went to work and talked to customers and collegues, but that's what they were, just customers and collegues nothing more than light banter through the day.

Of course she had him, he walked in the door at the end of the day and she felt herself explode at him with everything that those professional relationships left unsaid, her thoughts, her feelings, her heart thrown out in words that barely made sense. They were said with a desperate need to share those parts of herself that she kept for people who were safe, she felt she could see him reeling sometimes as the words came out sounding like machine gun fire, rat a tat a tat a tat.

So she wrote blog post after blog post letting those feeling and thoughts have somewhere else to live, than squarely on his shoulders, ever aware that her big personality could not comfortably be carried by one person, no matter how much he loved her. Comments came and went and they reminded her that sometimes her thoughts were being shared with others and it helped, but it was not the same, and she longed for others to talk to, to share with and to have them share with her, more than the bore of the day or the next thing on the never ending list of items to tick off the to do lists.

She had family and they took some of her, they took the bits that you can normally share with family, and inside she quietly thanked them. Sometimes after a long week she could see the weight of her bearing down upon him, almost visibly feeling heavy with her emotions. But sometimes you can't talk to family about somethings and even if you can the phone is not always the best way to really share and listen.

Because that was the point, as much as the dominant feeling was wanting to share, she also wanted to be shared with, she wanted to give her ear, her shoulder and her brain to others. He was so wonderfully simple in his feelings and as much as that makes a good partner it leaves a hole ... A hole that only a good friend can fill.

She recalls friends from the past, some who moved away, others who's lives took different directions and a small few who had left her, or whom she had left in the midst of some sort of growth, emotional turmoil, or just bad timing. She missed them all sometimes, she missed the warm banter, having people to call on saturdays when she was home alone, she missed good friends, everyday friends, best friends.

It wasn't like she wasn't trying, but getting idle chit chat to turn into less idle chit chat, turn into something resembling friendship was hard. So she kept chatting, and hoping that someday she would find some people who would see her, accept her, maybe even love her in the way friends do.

Then one day some chit chat, turned into going home for tea, she remembered that you need to be brave and courageous in life and never more than when you are showing people who you are and hoping that they accept you. Chit chat, turned into talking, which turned into deep talking, and then friend begat friends and before she knew it, friends they were, good friends, loved friends.

She is not so lonely anymore, she has people to call, people who take some of the weight of her, he mentions that he feels lighter and she quietly thanks them under her breath, and she wonders if they know and know that she is sharing the weight of them as well, she wonders if she should tell them ... But decides to blog about it instead :)

Sunday, 12 July 2009

TRIPLE J Hottest 100 of all time

Just in case you missed it, here is the list. There is very few songs that I don't agree with and although its completely subjective, they did pretty well I think.

Well I tried to copy and paste the list and the formatting is all off and I cant possibly be expected to type the whole list out so here are the top 10; DELETED (cause I'm a goofball)

And the rest you can see here

(edited to say, forget it the list I just posted was from the wrong year *grin* just go and look at them yourself cause something is going crazy in my blogging head today)

Here is a link to a site including video, thanks to a comment from a complete stranger (but a very helpful stranger at that)

Saturday, 11 July 2009

A Matter of Opinion

Me: Do you want to know what my Robot name is?
AB: (stares blankly)
Me: Its Lifeform Engineered for Infiltration and Galactic Harm
AB: (stares blankly still)
Me: So I'm a warbot
AB: Facebook is stupid ! all these brains working on social networking and the best they can come up with is what is your Robot name, what a waste.

Waste to one person could be another persons joy, I mean it feels pretty important to me to know my robot name, and quiet vital to know how i would survive the zombie apocalypse :)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Just for Giggles

This was on a friends facebook wall the other day, I kept it because as much as it is a bit mean, it also caught my sense of humor so much I almost snorted my tea out of my nose *grin*

Field Of Dreams

"If you build it, they will come"

Well its not exactly a direct link from the movie Field of Dreams to what this post is about, but when I started thinking about positive thinking and how it potentially helps you actualize things in your life, that movie popped into my head.

When I was about 18 dad and I had a conversation about how I didn't feel good about the direction that my life was heading in, he told me that all I needed to do was every morning with as much conviction as I could muster, look in the mirror and say a positive affirmation. I can't remember exactly what it was that I said but after a period of time my life did seem to turn around.

Now you could say that the reason life turned around had to do with believing in myself, or just that I decided to get off my butt and do something about it, but it was the first time that I really thought about the idea of setting your mind on a goal focusing on it and somehow the blocks fall into place.

When ever I talk about living our bliss, this is the kind of thing that I mean, well sort of, if you are able to sort out what it is you want and focus on it, sometimes, a lot of the time, it comes to you.

Do you know what you want? Do you have things in life you really want to achieve? or hope to gain?

On a tangible angle;

I really wanted a pair of knee high, black leather, lace up boots, with a low or no heal, and I didn't want to spend to much. On Tuesday I popped into an Op shop looking for gloves for Jack, now after years of Op shopping I know that you should never go Op shopping looking for anything in particular but on this day I did manage to find a small pair of red gloves. I was about to go and thought I might just go and have a look at the bags and wander past the shoes, there behind a few pairs of sneaker and under a bag there were a pair of knee high boots. I tried not to excited, a few months ago I found a great pair of Dr Martins boots that were 1/2 a size to small even with my willingness to squish my feet into them, but I looked at the bottom and they were my size exactly they fit (if you'll excuse the pun) like a glove. No marks. No wear. Perfect. I walked tentatively up to the counter, with no idea how much they were, knowing that I wasn't willing to pay more than $40 for a pair of secondhand shoes no matter now perfect .... $4 can you believe it, $4 for a perfect pair of knee high, lace up, leather boots in perfect condition.

So you might be wondering what that long winded segue about my boots is all about? I guess my point is if the cosmos decided to deliver me the boots that I have been wanting and wishing for, what else could I find if I just believe hard enough that I will find it? what will you find? what could we all find? world peace, the cure for cancer or maybe just our bliss ...

Next stop, cherry 12 hole Dr Martins ...... only kidding !!
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