Sunday, 13 December 2015

These are the Days

You know those moments you think about and wait and wonder 'will it ever be as good as I actually think'.

Today was one of those. I introduced Jack to a movie I LOVED in the 90s. I wondered if he would get it and appreciate it the way I did. And OMG he really did.

Parenting is full of these moments. And more often than not they are filled with my apprehension followed by my dismay as the just 'don't get it'.

- Decorating the Christmas tree, nope.
- Introducing Bohemian Rhapsody, not really.
- Watching Aliens, not even scary.
- Playing pool, it doesn't make sense that this is even fun mum.

Watching 'Hackers' one of my favourite 90s movies, this photo says it all. He is totally into it.

Bring on the school holidays, I have many things I hope will be hits. Many will end in me looking at them and wondering 'are you even my children' but it now have a bit of hope that one in 10 will end like this.
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