Sunday, 23 September 2012

Silence in the Ruckus

My poor neglected blog. I'm sure if blogs had feelings it would feel
like I had left it for another man and just popped back in for a booty
call once a month.

And it is kind of like that. Not because I don't still want to blog
but because I have so much less time. Big things are a happening.

I realized that I haven't told you about my new perfect job working in
Specsavers. It's four days a week between school hours and I take
holidays off to be at home with the boys. Cool people, work that's
interesting enough to keep me interested but not so interesting that I
take it home mentally at night. It's like a gift from the gods.

I also haven't told you the latest derby updates. We are playing in
the Eastern Regional Roller Derby tournament this coming weekend. This
means that a dozen teams do a battle to the death until only one team
is left standing ;) not literally of course but that is how it feels.

It's a huge part of why I'm not blogging. We are training more often.
In my spare time I am reading rules, learning hand signals, learning
plays and generally immersing myself in everything derby. For the
first time I'm so physically and mentally tired I can't wait to take a

We are all getting uniforms, we all have our derby names, (Buffy
Stun-Hers #144) we are all slighting peeing our pants in anticipation.
Not at the idea of not winning. We are a brand new league who have
only been skating together a manner of months so winning isn't our
focus. But at not feeling proud of our efforts. Of being so paralyzed
with performance anxiety that we forget to perform.

Anyhoo, it's late and I'm tired but this was the first and last chance
I could foresee having time to blog for a few more weeks and thought
I'd do a mini catchup.

Life is good, bruises and all (actually bruises are sexy)

Watching - derby
Listening - to my coaches
Reading - rules
State of mind - full
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