Saturday, 7 September 2013

Comfort in Unlikely Arms

Today is a beautiful day. The weather is near perfect and the kids
have been playing outside most of the day.

Hamish just came in and asked to play the computer and I said "no
sweetie, not now but maybe later".

He didn't take it well. He got angry, which seeing he is 7 and his
impulse control is still developing, is normal. He decided to sit
outside and moan about it for a while.

I just came back inside and this was the scene I saw. I can hear
Hamish telling Jack how unfair I am (again perfectly normal for a
little man who feels like I have denied him something he wants) but I
can hear Jack explaining some of the reasons I made my decision and
also that he agrees that sometimes I am unfair but by moaning about it
I'll just get cranky and it won't make me change my mind. (You've got
that right)

Jack is stroking Hamish's hair, and Hamish is snuggling further into
Jack as they have this moment.

Of course in the 20 minutes it has been since the photo was taken they
are bickering again. Like almost all siblings my boys bicker and fight
a lot. But I have seen this today, and I feel so proud of the brothers
they are.
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