Monday, 16 April 2012

Today's Haul (8) aka The Amazing Light Shade

Today was one of those 'do a lot of things to get out of the house before the kids loose the plot' days.

It started with a swim at the local pool. Then a quick play at the park. Then I decided it was a great day to peruse my four favourite secondhand shops.

After the third I felt that the boys were over browsing, but I had been wanting to go to the last one all holidays so I decided to push them through it.

Then once we got home we cleaned the house. Counted out our change bowl and went to the bank to cash in $40 dollars worth of coins for $40 worth of notes.

The big news is that I found a light shade I have been coveting. In fact we went to Ikea yesterday and bought a bed (yay! After 3 years I was over the mattress on the floor thing). And while we were there I had a moment of staring at it and wanting the red one. But for $20 when they are still selling at Ikea for $99 the white (pictured above) will do just fine. In other bargain news;

- A decent pair of knee pads for both kids and a pair of skateboarding hand pads $5
- A cute new top for me $3
- A pair of gloves for Jack and stripy knee high socks (for skating) for me $2
- A used and slightly abused but still working skateboard for Jack $3
- Two spunky work shirts for AB $10
- Some sparklers and a random little toy for Hamish $2
- New gorgeous still in the box light shade $20

Using Leigh logic, seeing that I 'got' $40 out of that change bowl today, I only spent $5.

Happy Days!!!

Watching - a few random movies that were on the top scifi movies of 2011 list including, Attach the Block, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, and a few others.

Reading - Same Same

Listening - ....

State of mind - New bed + cheap and exciting light shade = pretty damn chuffed with myself.

PS the above photo is obviously not of my house, just to make things clear we have neither that fresh and airy a style or that fresh and airy a house!

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casso said...

Oh I just watched Tucker and Dale as well - I really enjoyed it and loved the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern aspect to it.

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