Thursday, 25 June 2009

Self Expression

Today Jack picked out his own clothes. It doesn't happen often, mainly to do with wardrobes that are old freebies where all of the usable space is up to high for him to access, but today he decided to get his chair and grab what he wanted. So we have;

+ A New York New York T-Shirt featuring the twin towers
+ Some overly baggy balinese material shorts
+ Not matching green and gold sydney 2000 olympic socks pulled up to the knees
+ A pair of blunstone rip offs with the fake leather surface pulled off
+ Last but not least a patchwork jacket made of a concoction of striped material that was brought for Hamish so the arms are 2/3rd length and it was skin tight

Hamish played it safer with;
+ Red pants
+ Red shirt
+ Pale purple knitted cardigan
+ Red patent leather boots

It made me wonder about how we find our own style, if I mention to Jack that the combination of clothing items were ...... A little out of wack, am I stifling his creativity? or by leaving it am I not performing one of my mothering duties to teach him about matching colours, patterns or styles or at least helping him choose things that clash with style? when does me not helping him become child neglect? ... I think today was close *grin*

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