Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Warm Hands Warm Heart

This morning I ratted through all of the pockets of jackets and jeans in the house looking for any lost dollars.  It was an interesting way to start the day and proved that you don't always find money in random pockets as I had previously thought.  At the moment, dollars (and even cents) are a bit tight.  Its not a huge worry, its just interesting the lessons you learn about where all of those dollars and cents go and what you can do in your daily life to save a few bucks.

- as lovely as it is to have a coffee made for you, if you have a random clean take away cup, making your own (if you have an espresso machine) can comfortably suffice

- it takes you only having $20 in your account for your partner to make his own lunch

- if you count all the random coins you find plus any in your coin dish you will get about $40

- no matter how broke I am if you call me and ask me to door knock my street for the heart foundation I will still say yes, even though I don't really want to

- a spinach pie is 40c more expensive than a steak pie

- no matter how broke you are a pair of kids high tops (converse style) in cammo print are still a bargain at $1.50

- if you are out of cash it is inevitable that the cable and/or your mobile phone will be cut off

- if they are cut off make sure you ring your partner and speak gently, because he has probably already paid both bills

- do not think that calling your ISP to lesson your data plan is going to save you money, it is Murphy's law that they will accidentally lesson it more than you requested, not be able to fix it until the end of the month, leaving you with 64k modem speed for the rest of the month

- once you have no real ability to get on the net, you will suddenly think of 100 things you want to know/do that are only available online.

- the bits you had planned to sell (books and flotsam)  when money got tight, need you to have access to the internet to list for sale and so the circle goes on.

- just when it feels that things are a bit to hard for your liking you will walk out the front door and life will seem a bit brighter.  For me the silver lining on this cloudy day were 2 pairs of amazing arm warmers lovingly knitted by your wonderful stepmother, I mean really who can be cranky when wearing super groovy new orange (plus another pair in purple and orange) arm warmers !!!! (See photo)

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Kristie said...

not that I think you would be getting rid of any of your birthing books - espcially since we are doing the same course, but if you have any you think I would like, let me know :)

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