Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Blogs, Babies and Business

On hindsight, the title of this post sounds far more interesting that the post is actually going to be.

I am having another one of those periods, where blogging is taking a back foot to submitting course work, writing, my babies, and generally living the life we have chosen. I have no complaints, the work I have submitted over the last week has been well received and the results are pleasing. I have taken a new interest in the creative writing I am doing, the pieces I am writing don't seem to 'fit' with the blog so I am keeping them to myself for the moment. Lastly the babies well they are just being beautiful wild little boys who blow my mind as often with their sweetness as they do their madness.

I haven't even taken any photos to do a photo post in lieu of anything that is actually interesting to other people *grin*

So I am going to add a photo of my desk and bookshelf so you can see the madness, that is my workspace and it does reflect the reason that my brain is sometime is total chaos.

(this post could be the winner of my most random blog post ever, with the exception of man cooks chicken)


Shereen said...

YOur workspace looks exactly like mine!

Wondering Willow said...

Does that say that chaos feeds a creative mind... or does a creative mind feed chaos? or maybe its just mums with houses that are to small and to many kids to have the time to sort it anyway *grin*

Shereen said...

Gotta be at least one of those.... or in my case I reckon it is chaos due to a creative mind spending too much time on the net! Hahahaha!!
Oh, and I think a TMX demo is a really good idea. Or a really bad one, depending on how you look at it! THermomix rocks!!

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