Friday, 28 October 2011

Finished! For Now!

My feet (and the rest of me) are currently sitting relaxing on my top deck. Yes there is more work to do but all the carpentry work is done. Well except for the floor beading which can't be done until the floors are done, which can't be done until the painting is done, which can't be done until ABs schedule is free enough for him to help me.
Today Ant packed up his tools and did my last de-dust of the house. And finally the whole thing is pretty ready to enjoy. Although it will also constantly aggravate me until it's complete.
For this afternoon I'm enjoying the warm breeze, with a glass of white wine, sitting on my banana lounge, watching the people go by and listening to the birds sing. And you know what! I deserve it ;)
Listening - Triple J on the work site and a mixture of my favourite tunes in the shower every evening. It's become my zen moment after a hard day, candles, wine, shower, loofa and some of my favs on the iPod ... Ahh the serenity!
Watching - X-men first class. It's probably herecy to say that I liked it better than the others, but I did.
Reading - Just finished the Coraline graphic novel.
State of mind - sad that my building adventure is over, but glad as well. Looking forward to starting painting, but dreading it as well. It's all very complexed.

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Kristie said...

met someone tonight who was your blonde American twin. Mannerims and all. I kept looking at her going... OMG... it's LEIGH!

Made me think of you and miss you and want to send you some love xxx

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