Thursday, 20 October 2011

Mini Finale to the Max

I'm sort of sick of blogging about the house.  I keep wanting to type words like, strapping, V-Joints and router.  In fact more that once I have deleted a post I was 1/2 way through writing because on a reread, it bored even me.

The thing is that I can't capture in words, the almost velvety softness of new floor boards under my feet.  I'm unable to help you visualise how lovely it is sitting on the deck after work with a cider in hand, chatting in the sun. I will never be able to express how lovely the colours are in the flesh.  These things I just can not adequately put into words.

So yeah, I'm sick of blogging about the house but seeing that at the moment it is the main focus of my day (all day every day) its hard not to share.  Not only because each time it moves forward I get a little buzz of excitement, but also because everyday I am doing things I'm so proud of.

Never more than today, as today all major construction is complete!

Sure there are still lots (and lots) of little bits to be done.  And then we have to paint, and sand and oil the floors and then get come contractors in to do the tiling and the brick fence, and we have to organise the garden beds and plant.  But for the rest of this week we are done!

Next week we finish up with Ant after a few days fixing up the upstairs doors and making some fly screens.  Then its up to AB and I to paint.

We are also going to be taking a break before we do a lot of the other final bits.  So this is probably my last 'house' post for a while, (do I hear a hell's yeah!!!) as realistically until its painted there will be nothing interesting enough to talk about.

I wonder what I will do with my time once it's all complete, I'll both miss it and be glad to be able to focus on the rest of my life again.  No matter what I think I'll be spending a heap more time sitting out the front!

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Ten Coffee Day said...

Renovations certainly do have a way of taking over our lives, don't they!

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