Sunday, 18 March 2012

Another Humphy Day

When I was young and my dad was having a cranky day, Inge and I used to say he was humphy. I don't know here this term came from but we would giggle about it both in front of him and behind his back. The word seemed to perfectly explain the unexplainable grumpiness that overtook him on occasions.

It's a trait a lot of us have and one I definitely inherited. The ability of our emotions to suddenly get the better of us and take us down a road we had no intention of taking when we woke in the morning.

Well today I'm humphy! I'm unsure why but I think it's a mixture of intensive parenting, very little adult contact and solo parenting.

It's ok, I mean we all have to allow ourselves the occasional day (or few days) where we are particularly in touch with our cranky selves. But the truth is, today, I don't want to be cranky.

I've spent the last 1/2 hour trying to figure out what I can do to stop being so. But unfortunately I've come up blank. I went to rollerfit to no avail. I've had a bath (although I spent most of it checking for nits, which I thankfully did not have and neither did the kids), I have had a few small vents with close friends and generally spent some time trying to relax and find my happy place.

But I'm still cranky. I guess there is no answer except to perhaps find a way acknowledging it and then hopefully letting it go. Or crawling into bed until it goes away.

I can't decide if it's a coincidence or response to, but it seems when I am humphy that my kids seems to be especially trying. I think it's probably both, but it makes it even harder to get out of your cranky place, if your kids are bickering or generally being slightly painful. The question that may really keep me up at night, is, is their behaviour really that tetchy? Or is it that my resilience is so low that every tiny little thing seems like a huge infraction?

Ahh, mixing this parenting malarky with a humphy time is like mixing some medications and operating heavy equipment.

I guess in the end the way I will deal with it is, I will accept it, talk to the boys about it, hope they decide to be especially sweet and understanding, put them to bed and then hope I wake on the right side of the bed tomorrow.

Watching - Soylent Green
Listening - It's been a fairly music free weekend.
Reading - Just finished the Hunger Games trilogy. Couldn't put it down but didn't adore it.
State of mind - wondering of roller skating for longer each day would keep the humph at bay? Probably not but it may be a good excuse to get more skate time in.

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