Saturday, 24 March 2012

The End of Summer

AB has been away a lot over the past few weeks. When the kids were young the idea of AB going away for more than a day was enough to put me into a complete state. But these days the boys and I have found our groove and although he is missed, it's no big deal.

Well usually it's not!

I don't know if it's the months worth of rainy weather or just the planetary alignment but things were slightly tetchy between the three of us last time.

As AB went to leave this week I decided that I needed to put a few things in place to make sure that we didn't spend another weekend feeling cranky together.

Step 1, getting our favourite take away for friday night. For them it is a chicken kebab roll and for me it's a lamb shish kebab plate. This both makes me feel relaxed cause someone else slaves over the hot stove and eliminates and arguments over dinner.

Step 2, go to our friends holiday house for the night. Pack light so we don't feel completely harassed before we even leave the house. Not caring if we leave in the same clothes we arrived in. After all it is only one night and on lazy weekends at home its quite possible they would wear the same clothes two days in a row.

Step 3, have a few planned activities for while we are away. Collect firewood together as its meant to get cold tonight. Go to the beach (this is huge for me because in all the time I have been coming here I have never bothered going to the beach which is a huge 10 minute drive from here). Throw the ball for the dogs. Collect rocks. And after all that, settle down and play some games on the wii while I blog and then prep for dinner.

Step 4, don't unpack much. This way in the morning all we have to do is chuck a few things in the car and get on the road. Again because this time we are only here for one night what's the point of settling in to much.

Step 5, mummy enjoying some time siting in the sun, reading a book so that she actually feels like she has had a bit of quite restful time.

Step 6, after you get home, plan for a double rollerfit class to work out any kinks or residual crankiness!

So far so good. It's also given us all a chance to say good bye to summer. Kicking our feet in the water, stocking up on our vitamin D, and generally breathing in the fresh warm air before it turns into fresh (freeze your nostril hairs) cold air.

I'm looking forward to next summer already.

Watching - S2 The Walking Dead finale.

Listening - Nothing new

Reading - Room by Emma Donoghue, hated it but couldn't put it down.

State of mind - Rocking out this solo parenting gig!!

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