Monday, 30 July 2012

A Good Week For Firsts

The last seven days have been pretty damn groovy. Most of these
groovy bits have actually been accomplishing small firsts, mixed with
sunny weather and a generally chilled out life vibe. So far (and at
this time of night) these are the best bits:

- At Friday training we had our first derby scrimmaging. Talk about
mind blowing awesomeness crossed with complete carnage. I could talk
and talk and talk about it. About the feeling you get when you find
that gap that gets you through the pack. When you make a spot for
someone else. When you see your team work together in a way they
haven't before. Every time we do something new (no matter how messy
and crazy) I'm filled with such joy. And exhaustion. Did I mention
- Cooked my first white sauce. Which I then, like a true mum, made
into cauliflower with white sauce (I know I don't recognize myself
- I conquered front to back transitions in the opposite direction. I
also started to feel comfortable jumping from back to front as well.
Completely terrifying but also so damn cool.
- Hung out with my lovely, funny and slightly mad derby girls.
Watching derby, eating chocolate Guinness cupcakes, drinking wine, and
laughing loudly.
- I made mushroom sauce. And it was so delicious that I ate the
leftovers by themselves ... And now I feel sick ;)

This week has been filled with moments of awesomeness. Mostly skating
and cooking related but hey, they are the two things I do the most in
my week ... Beyond cleaning and no one ever had a moment of
awesomeness whilst cleaning.

Reading - World WarZ
Watching - Nup
Listening - The Foals
State of Mind - Tired, happy, tired, lucky, and very very full.


casso said...

Have I mentioned you are all kinds of awesome? So glad to read your blog again! x

Wondering Willow said...

Aww thanks Cass, I wish I could find the motivation to blog more at the moment. I've got a mixture of longing to blog and guilt that I'm not :)

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