Monday, 2 July 2012

Some Love and Excuses

Firstly, my blog isn't dead!  I promise it truly not. It's just the same old excuse though.  The spaces that used to be reserved for blogging, reading, TV watching and any other general down time activities is now taken up with skating. 

I'm not upset about that at all of course.  Except that I occasionally have this pang of longing for blogging.  But then I'll look at the clock, or the weather and realize that it feels like the time could be better spent on wheels.  So yes I'm still excitedly obsessed about skating and derby but no my blog isn't dead, just quietly and patiently waiting for my return. 

So now that that has been said I wanted to share two things. First is this photo of Jack taken a few days ago by a neighbour (ain't he just the cutest!) and the second was a conversation that I had with Jack this evening before bed. 

A few months ago I saw a link to an idea for kids. Basically it was about giving kids the beginnings to old proverbs, ie a bird in the hand is..., and then seeing what they would add as the ends of the proverb. Tonight we talked about a few and I thought I would share his answers. 

- It's always darkest before ... I go to bed
- Don't bite the hand that ... is Hamish's 
- Children should be seen and ... not be seen at night
- The pen is mightier than the ... pencil
- Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry ... but don't cry with me
- Don't put off till tomorrow ... what you should do
- If at first you don't succeed ... you'll succeed the next time
- You get out of something only ... what you do
- When the blind lead the blind ... the unblind should lead them as well
- A bird in the hand ... of its nest

So cute!  I had a few more to ask him but he was about to fall asleep and figured it would be cruel and unusual punishment to keep him awake for my own amusement :)

I'm planning on giving him a print out of the others and see what he writes. And then asking Hamish the same questions. And if the weather is bad, or I find some better extra curriculum balance I hope the I will remember to blog them as well ... If I don't you'll know where to find me!!!

Watching - I have just started episode 2 of 'The Fades'. So far so good. 
Listening - ...
Reading - I'm so tired at night I'm mostly reading old favourites. At the moment it's Neil Gaimans Neverwhere. 
State of Mind -I am almost always these days content, exhausted, a little sore in the body and generally happier than I have for a long while. Thanks to my friends new and old, family especially AB and the kidlets for being so very very supportive and mostly thank you my beaten up ever fiddled with skates. You rock my world!!!

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