Monday, 1 November 2010

3. Kathmandu - Nooks and Crannies

Life starts later here than I thought it would. We went downstairs at 8am to grab a coffee and found everything was still closed. Seeing that we had decided to do things in that order through playing paper, scissor, rock we weren't too disappointed. And so we went back to our room to shower and do a bit of writing. After my shower I went to brush my teeth. I grabbed a bottle of fresh water and proceeded. Then as I went to spit without thinking I cupped a handful of tap water into my mouth and proceeded to swish. Suddenly I realised what I had done and starting spitting frantically and rinsing with the fresh water. Trish laughed at me and then went to have her shower. When she got out she was laughing and said she had done a similar thing putting her face under the water to rinse her face and habitually opened her mouth. Funny how its the small habitual things that seem to be hard about this whole water thing.

Once we finally left the room we headed to a hole in the wall cafe recommended by the lonely planet. It was closed but we saw another recommendation called OR2K just next-door. We walked a flight of stairs not really expecting much and came across this amazing cafe. Great coffee, full of westerners and most excitingly (for me the techy chick) free wi-fi.

It feels so decadent on a lot of levels to sit here drinking coffee emailing people and just listening. Firstly it's so comfortable here that we could be in any boho-ish cafe in Sydney. Secondly we were just talking about how rare it is to sit peacefully in a cafe with no limit of time to move onto the next thing. Thirdly it feels almost sinful not to be exploring. And yet a big part for both of us about this trip was about resetting our internal clocks. It seems that in our home lives we have both (through necessity) learnt to work at full capacity all of the time. We eat fast, we talk fast, we rush though things as fast as we can because inevitably the kids will loose their patience or we will need to move onto the next task in our day.

And so Nepal may move fast but we are moving slowly through it. Made even more comfortable by these gorgeous nooks and crannies that seem to be around every corner.

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greendraggon said...

Sounds glorious. Here's to moving slowly!

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