Friday, 26 November 2010

Joy in all Shapes and Sizes

Sometimes I find something as I am browsing the web that as well as making me laugh, also fills me with a sense of joy.  Not at the actual 'thing' whatever it may be.  But at the idea that someone thought to make that, do that, write that, share that.

I have talked before about weird stuff that the web and most of the bits that stick as my favourites also have a componant of 'why' attached or 'its amazing what people decide to do with their spare time'.

Remember,  At-At Day Afternoon?  or badgersbadgersbadgers? or He-Man singing 'What's going on' by 4 Non Blondes? or the old printers singing 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

So when a friend linked to 'Backin Up' on YouTube it was the same thing.  Some people might just watch this and think its a little funny, or a little stupid, or both.  I watched it and as much as I thought it was hilarious, the main reason it has stuck with me is that I am totally blown away again at what people think to do with their spare time.

So this is the original video of a woman talking about a robbery.
And this is what they decided to do with it.

These guys 'Shmoyoho' make these videos all the time, some are just funny, others have a funny way of putting a political statement in the faces of people (like me) who like to surf the web looking for things to make them laugh and hopefully make them think.

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