Thursday, 21 April 2011

New Spaces

Art and craft has always been a huge part our the boys play. From very young they would spend at least part of the day doing something with pencils or playdough or sticky tape.
Until recently it has been done on the little table in our lounge room (this is also the table where they eat). But recently we have become keenly aware that the space was no longer big enough.
For months, art has started taking over the house. They have either been working at the huzby's and my desk (getting kicked off when we needed out own spaces back) or on the lounge room floor (not optimal for comfort, or the fact that my lounge gets covered with pencils, scissors and little bits of paper).
Today we moved some furniture around and, thanks to a divine neighbor, got a gorgeous new (old) table. We grabbed some old chairs from our shed, otherwise known as the furniture TARDIS. And ta-da they have an art/homework/creative corner all of their own.
Now for some cork boards covered in material to hang their favorite pieces, some comfy cushions on the chairs and some more effective pencil holders but until the last pieces fall into place at least we wont have to bargain for desk space or tread on pencils as we walk through the lounge room.

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