Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Today's Haul (6) aka the Book Extravaganza

It's been a while between 'Haul' posts. Mainly that's because I really haven't been secondhand (or firsthand) shopping much for months.

But today as it was a rainy looking day, Andrew was working from home and I had two happy but energetic children at home I thought a little second hand browsing was just what the doctor ordered.

We only went to two different op shops, but I have the bug now and think we may have to browse a bit tomorrow as well.

So the haul included (at the whopping price of $22)

- 17 books (five of which aren't included in the photo as three were for the little girl we had over for a play and two have gone to bed with Hamish)

- A magic 8 ball with a little less fluid inside than is optimal but still works if your happy to wait for the bubbles to pop before you get your answer. And if your wondering the first few questions were
Q. Is mummy the best mummy ever?
A. Yes definitely :)
Q. Can I go through this door?
A. Don't count on it
Q. Will mummy let me buy this ball?
A. Ask again later (followed by without a doubt)

- A junior scattergories game without the mission cards. But for $2 it has the 26 sided letter dice and we have made our own way to play and the writing pads, egg timer and pencils.

- A 'Jack Lives Here' keyring. If he knew what it really means it's not exactly child appropriate but seeing as he doesn't it's completely Jack appropriate.

- A spangly bracelet for the friend.

God I love second hand shopping. It fills two opposing parts of my personality. The part that loves beautiful things and wants beautiful things. And the part that doesn't like spending a lot of money. Today's little expedition has fulfilled both perfectly.

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