Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Quiet on the Blog Front

It's been very quiet on the blog these last few weeks.  Firstly we had the pox, and now it's school holiday's.  All in all life hasn't put much in my path that I feel is blogworthy.  I mean realistically I have been almost completely stuck in the house with various amounts of kids for about 6 weeks now (and yes I'm feeling every moment of it but no I haven't gone insane yet).

I have talked with Jack about making a movie quite a lot in the last few months but haven't been able to 1. Get him motivated to start (mostly due to 2.) 2. Haven't been able to come up with a good way to start or do it.

Then yesterday one of the neighbours started talking about making a movie with the kids, stop motion style, using playdough.  The group of 6 kids didn't have the focus to complete (or even really start) the process but Jack was keen when he got home to give it a go.  And so we played with many ideas last night.

Today we had a little friend over for the day, and about 20 minutes before we had to drop her home they started taking photos for a stop motion picture.  It was done in quite a half hearted way and so the photos and clay work were a little rushed.  But after she left I whipped them together and Jack picked out a sound effect. 

He marveled at the outcome and I realised he really didn't understand what the process was going to achieve.  Now he does, he is talking about putting together a longer film and has very specific ideas about the sound effects we should use.

So I thought I would show you their little effort and then hopefully sometime soon I can show you the larger idea that Jack is working on.  Or like so many six year olds he could well loose interest .... only time will tell.

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