Monday, 13 June 2011

And We Are Home.

3.5 days away feels like ages before you leave and no where near long enough when you get home.
Ups -
1. I got to read uninterrupted for hours
2. The kids spent just as long searching the shale rocks on the edge of the river looking for fossils
3. Chatting the night away drinking red wine and laughing
4. Sitting in the sun, watching birds, the dogs and kids play. Getting bugs out of the pool, running with the dogs, and generally being out in open spaces
5. Watching the dog swimming laps in the pool not caring about the freezing weather
6. Watching AB make a fire with the boys every night and the kids be fixated by it
7. The general sense if peace and well being that watching your family (and friends) all be in their own happy place brings
Downs -
1. Kid weeing in his sleeping bag
2. Dog vomiting on his bed, twice
3. Me spending one night with gastro
4. The cold and rain (although this was made easier by the fire and the indoor spaciousness)
5. The dog whining incessantly about being in the car, wanting to swim, swimming, being cold, not being allowed to sleep in bed with us and any other manor of dog related injustices
Three and a bit days just didn't feel like enough. I may need to impose on out friends again soon. I am glad to be home, but I'm sure I would have been gladder had I had a few more days to rest, relax and feel free :)

Watching - the world pass me by

Listening - kids playing, dogs whining, people laughing and the tension in my back releasing.

Reading - Game of Thrones, 4000 ebook pages long. I may be reading it for a while.

State of mine - I had a wonderful time but a few extra day would have been great. There were a few bits and pieces I didn't get to finish ... My book for one.

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Ten Coffee Day said...

We just made a short family trip ourselves. It seems like no matter how short or long the trip, it never seems like you have enough time while you're there.

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