Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Apocalypse Plan

I've been on zombie kick recently. It was unintentional and sort of crept up on me.  Before I knew it I was watching zombies on TV, reading zombie comics and falling asleep reading a zombie book. No need to mention that afterwards I felt a little tense. Every bump, scratch or creak was enough to give me the heebie jeebies.

And so I lay awake wondering, do you have an apocalypse plan?

A while ago I wrote a post on
what end of the world movies have taught me. But thing that didn't come up is how do you make it through the first few days/weeks.

With fear of sounding like some conspiracy theorist (which I promise I am not) crazy stuff can happen. A few years ago I was sitting at home with my two young babies and there came a news report that there was a suspected terrorist plot to blow up something in Sydney. And I thought ... What if?

Now I wasn't about to run out and stock up on canned goods and bottled water. Or build a self sufficient bomb shelter. But it did make me think. 

Then we had the whole swine flu / bird flu epidemic (I use that term loosely) and again I thought ... What if?

So I came up with my apocalypse plan. Just imagine, your at work, the kids are in school, hubby's on a bike trip in the mountains and KAPOW! bombs, tidal wave, meteors, zombies, deadly virus, aliens, if your even just a little into sci-fi you will be aware of how many ways the world as we know it could come to an end.  So following is my apocalypse plan:

1. If we are not together it is important to have a meeting place pre-organised.  Personally I have picked a place that is within an hours drive of home but far enough out of Sydney that we should be able to wait for a day or so for each other.  If you are separated by a lot of distance it also gives you a place to leave a message to tell each other where your heading. Obviously the most important thing is to be to try and find each other and quickly! And know your exits! Every route possible to get you from point A to point B.

2. Make sure you have a vehicle that can make it over various terrains and has a lot of space. You'd think I'd pick ABs 4wd but after some thinking my car has almost as much internal space, is a light 4wd and uses less petrol.

3. Know what to pack. Medicine, canned goods and warm clothes come first.  If it's a zombie or alien threat, then as many things that can be used as weapons as possible is high on the list as well. Sturdy shoes, blow up mattress and sleeping bags. Really you want to pack like your never coming back but also like your going to be camping for a REALLY long time. So also think of things like matches, a cooking pot, torches etc.  Lucky for us we have a great camping setup so I'd just grab all that gear.  I'm sentimental but things like photos and jewelry are completely unimportant. This is life and death :)

4. Water and extra petrol. We have a water jerrycan and a petrol jerrycan.  Fill both and use sparingly. Make sure the water is drinkable and enough to last at least a week or two.

5.  Know of all the places within a few days drive (at least) that are either self sufficient and/or enclosed. Which one you pick depends in the threat. Zombies! Gated community (heavily protected places would also do, think prisons, research facilities, army barracks)  Plague! Self sufficient communities (think solar power, tank or bore water, good farming land)

After all of that, it's luck.  Hopefully your preparation has put you in good stead. Good luck and enjoy the apocalypse!! :)

(p.s. People that know me will not be at all surprised that I have actually thought about this. People that don't ... Well now you know me better *grin* but don't worry I'm truly not a conspiracy theorist)

Watching - too many zombie movies.

Reading - too many zombie comics and books.

Listening - the national 'about today' has been played a lot over the last few days.

State of mind - to some of you, completely paranoid, to others perfectly prepared and to the rest nowhere near prepared enough.


Kim McGreal said...

R. bought me an Axe for my birthday, complete with the inscription "In Case of Zombies". I love my husband :)

All three of us have a zombie plan, yes, including dear daughter. I *do* love how alike you and I are!! LOL!

casso said...

Have you seen Zombieland? It was made for you!

Wondering Willow said...

Kim- I love how alike we are as well. Now I'm coveting a wall mounted zombie axe all of my own :). Cass - yep love that movie. The rules just crack me up xx

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