Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Paper, Scissor, Rock

Every relationship has it's tools that help the relationship run more smoothly.

In our house its paper, scissor, rock. 

You may think of it as a child's game, but trust me, if we come to an impasse it is solved with relative ease because of it.

Can't decide who's turn it is to walk up to the shop for desert?
Kids can't come to an agreement as to what movie to watch, or what they want for dinner?
Can't pick a direction, or an event, or what form of entertainment to choose?

What simpler way to make simple (yet difficult) decisions in a way that everyone feels is fair.   It seems to help solve many of those little issues that could well become bigger if we started arguing about it.  And I love watching the boys use it as a way of bargaining and settling differences of opinion.

So I may say, "are you going up to buy chocolate?" and AB will answer "paper scissor rock" (or just put out his fist ready to start).  No arguing, no reminding each other of who's turn it is, or why the other should have to go, just 1, 2, 3, GO! and the decision is made by fate, or the gods or whatever you believe.

There is but one rule, you can never dispute the outcome.  If you are unwilling to uphold the paper, scissor, rock decision, then don't play!

What tools do you have?

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Hinterland Mama said...

Ha ha! This post made me giggle. This game is EXACTLY what we use, in the same way ~ to make decisions!
We also play it while waiting in a queue... actually when waiting anywhere.
It's a nice simple one for my 3 and 5 year old.
Thanks for the smile,
Aleta ღ

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