Thursday, 11 August 2011

Party Planning (1)

It's Thursday, and Hamishs birthday party is Saturday arvo ... Let the freaking out begin. The undeniable truth is for this party I am trying to match the effort and planning that I gave Jacks fifth birthday party

I rarely do this, try and keep up with one or the other as far as effort. But for some reason this fifth birthday has hit my buttons. I think it has to do with starting school and developing relationships, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, time allowing there are two more days for me to freak out and blog about my freaking out and pontificate about why I'm freaking out. For now I just want to show off my amp piñata that goes with the electric guitar cake I am going to attempt tomorrow.

I have a feeling the cake might be an epic fail, but right now I want to bask in the glow of the best ever home made amp (in my humble opinion).

It's one of those pull the cord piñatas not the whack with stick sort (I've seen to many funniest home videos of people getting nutted by an over sugared kid suffering sugar come down and given a stick with the promise of the next high go be fooled).

So piñata (tick), cake decoration planning (tick), house spring cleaned (tick), everything else .... Hmmm maybe if I'm lucky it will be done before midday Saturday. If not hopefully everyone will be so enamored by my amp that they won't notice.

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