Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Toast

Tonight I am feeling inspired to toast my gorgeous women friends. I am so very lucky to have many amazing, funny, loving, mad, and completely divine women in my day to day life.
In the 'old day's I wasn't much into women friends. I had a few but generally I had a lot more male friends than female. I found male friends easier, more laid-back and generally more on my wave length. Women on the other hand seemed complicated, more high need and I didn't ever feel that I really met those needs adequately enough. I didn't cope with the competitive nature of a lot of female/female relationships. And I guess I thought that that was just part of most relationships with women.
How wrong I was. And how right as well. The truth is that there is a lot of competition in female friendships. But this is where I'm lucky. I have been lucky enough to make friends with quite a few women in the last few years that are some of the most equal, balanced and healthy relationships of my life.
Last week I called a friend in a complete tizz late at night and she talked me down. I had other friends who rallied around me and loved me through some hard times. I had a neighbor who even after only knowing her a few years seems to completely get me and both doesn't mind when I rock up on her doorstep in need of a venting space and knows she can (and does) rock up on mine for the same reason.
These days I almost always have someone I can call, or cuddle, or rant at whenever I need. And they do the same with me. And that's just all the hard stuff. The same women also dance, sing, laugh and be silly with me. They remind me what it is to be young, and joyful and light. And my world feels safer and warmer with them in it.
So cheers, my wonderful friends I hope you see in my eyes and/or hear in my voice every time we connect just how much I adore you.
And if your reading this and wondering 'is she talking about me?' the answer is yes :) xx
Watching - finally watched the BSG finale and feeling slightly devastated.
Listening - Kimbra, Ray Charles and Sneaker Pimps
Reading - Still working my way through Fables' and surprisingly not loving it, but it's keeping me interested enough to keep reading.
State of mind - Slightly overwhelmed at the idea of Hamish's party on the weekend. But so grateful ...

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