Thursday, 15 September 2011

How's The View?

I have never sat on the second floor balcony of our house. It wasn't safe ... actually worse, it felt safe and if you didn't look closely it looked safe-ish but realistically it was barely holding on to the house.

Today after two hard days work we (Ant, my FIL and I) got the beams and support structure done and this afternoon Ant and I enjoyed a cider sitting atop my brand new balcony.

The project is still a long way from being finished. There's the posts to erect, the roof, the proper flooring, painting and a hundred other little bits to do. Not to mention the brick fence, the path being tiled and then the landscaping.

But for tonight I'm going to stand at my upstairs bedroom window and imagine.

Reading - ...
Listening - Kimbra, in preparation for her show tomorrow !!!
Watching - ...
State of Mind - Excited and exhausted


Marooned said...

Thats a beautiful house. I can imagine my boyfriend and I buying something like that 6 years from now and then filling it with an army of children!

P.S.- You are full of life. I read allmost all of your posts but never had the time/effort to post a comment. I do it today :)

Wondering Willow said...

Oh! Thank you very much for your lovely comment ;) I also love our home. It's much smaller in the inside (think TARDIS in reverse) but it's ours, it's full of character and it's the only place I want to live at the moment.

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