Thursday, 1 September 2011

Men V Women (Or AB V Me)

Me: Did Ned Kelly have family?
AB: Probably.
Me: I've never heard of him having kids, I mean he died young.
AB: He was hung?
Me: What do you mean by that? What's penis size got to do with it?

Ok, not my finest moment and a reminder for me that two glasses of champagne really takes me to the gutter. But I stand by my further discussion with AB that his comment was slightly out of the box as we were talking about children etc, not how he died!!


funkylamb said...

Well it is hardly *your* fault dear one, had AB said "He was hanged?" the whole nasty business would have been averted. Correct English can save lives.
If you are wondering how they had the DNA to prove that the remains were indeed his, his sister had children and there is still a surviving grand-nephew...

Wondering Willow said...

Oh my dear funkylamb you have not only answered my question but also lifted my guilt. Xx :)

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