Tuesday, 6 September 2011

See Ya Later Alligator

It's quiet here in blog land at the moment. Normally I have no excuses but this week I most certainly do. We are starting the renovations on the front of our house. I want to do lots of posts on the whole process but not tonight. I'm exhausted after bucketing somewhere near three cubic meters of dirt and rock and concrete. My fingers are barely working well enough to type even this much. So for now photo proof of the work so far (missing the huge holes we dug in the yard today). Tomorrow we continue digging about another two cubic meters. So I'm guessing no blog posting tomorrow either. Any free time will be spend trying to heal my blisters and soak my oh so aching back.

Watching - the level of soil go down in the yard and up in the skip.

Listening - whatever pops up on random from my iPod. The music does soothe the soul but does little for my aching back.

Reading - absolutely nothing.

State of mind - excited to be started, scared of the work to come.

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