Sunday, 15 January 2012

Deja Vu

What do you do when your feeling cooped up during the holidays? You have another long weekend of course.

I went down south to the island again on Thursday with the kids and AB and the clan who own the property arrived on the Friday afternoon.

This time I actually feel like I got enough time away, although the kids have already asked when we are going back and I could be easily convinced to try and fit another long weekend in soon.

But for now I'm enjoying being back in our space. I'm to planning to knock over the last of the painting this week (weather permitting) and I'd like to do a bit of house preening like finally stain the kitchen floors or fix up our bathroom or hang a few more prints.

For now I'm going to sit back and revel in the feeling of having been relaxed for a few days and try and get that feeling to last for a few more.

Memorable moments:

- No one vomiting on the way down through kangaroo valley. This could either be good timing or the travel sickness homeopathic that I had given both children and dogs.

- The weather for the first two days was sublime, we swam and played by the river, the kids took tools down to dig for more fossils and we swam some more. I also finally left the island during our stay to see the lay of the land in Nowra. Mind you the beach is two minutes from the house and I still haven't seen it.

- The mossies and sand flies we're intense. I got 15 huge bites just unpacking the car and they are still itchy. After that we all made sure we sprayed ourselves before walking out the door. Plus AB and Tool went to town at the hardware shop finding every mossie destroying device they could find.

- Vivs roast dinner. I've decided that there is nothing nicer than someone else's roast. They do their meat differently and they have different accompaniments such as home made apple sauce, or brussle sprouts, prosciutto and lemon ... yumm.

- The kids all went for a kayak on the river. After about an hour I decided to put my eyes on them and walked down to find Hamish sitting in the back of one of the kids kayaks laughing and Jack paddling up river by himself. It took all of my cool nature to just call out "are you guys all cool?" and then walk away hoping that they both made it back to shore in one piece. Actually as I type that it sounds incredible irresponsible, but they were with 2 very water confident teenagers and the water is only just past knee deep.

- Nights on the island are amazing. It's so dark and quiet you could almost believe you are alone in the world except for the quiet sounds of 11 people and 3 dogs sleeping

- Although the first night while I was alone with the kids I made the mistake of watching a scary movie. I got the creeps, couldn't find the dog (who I thought may have been down at the river but I was too freaked out to actually go and find him) and so I stood with a torch calling out. Twice I saw the reflection of eyes by the water but seeing I couldn't see if it was the dog that just freaked me out even more. Of course it WAS him and he finally came home soaking at midnight at which time I could finally go to sleep. A good nights sleep was not had as, in the space where I normally hear many other peoples sleepy sounds, all I heard were creaks or clicks of random things out in night. Needless to say I was kind of glad I had company the next night.

- Watching Hamish play 'Just Dance' with the other kids on the Wii. Not only did he win a few times, the level of concentration as he tries to replicate the moves was completely adorable.

- Hanging out with two teenagers (who weren't mine so I got to give them back). I had a blast talking to the two oldest kids. Sure they are starting to get a bit of extra attitude but talking to them gave me a clearer view of how my relationship will change over the years with my kids and it was quite an exciting though.

- Last but definitely not least, just getting to hang with adults and kids who's company we all truly enjoy. All five of the clans children are lovely (albeit quirky), and seeing my children interact with them and enjoy their company just warms my heart. Being with AB when he is away is lovely because all of the pressures of day to day life are lifted for a short time and he is more present than he gets to be at home. And the other adults are so welcoming and loving that I think the whole family feel warm in their presence.

Watching - A lot of sport (as it what happens when you holiday with sporty people). AB loved it, I listened to a lot of music and played a lot of Sonic while watching a house full of people watch other people kick balls around :)

Listening - I discovered a song on my iPod that was called The Island by The XX.

Reading - A mixture of late nights and busy days have reduced my reading to almost nil.

State of mind - An interesting mixture of thankful, full, happy to be home and regretful that it's all over. Realistically if the island was mine, I think I'd have trouble ever wanting to leave but it's the company, watching my kids play with their non cousins that really makes it special.

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