Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What Now?

I'm practically giddy with excitement! For the foreseeable future I have FINALLY finished painting the front of my house!!
I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and am so proud of the result so far. I mean I started working on the front around the 1st of September and it's taken 4 1/2 months to get to this point. Mostly this has been a mixture of delays due to rain and/or life. Mostly every day that I have been able to do something I have, and every day I haven't I've felt like I should.
There is still loads to do:
- Fix and paint the hole above the upstairs doors.
- Paint the 1/2 meter bit on the side that got left till last because it requires a long ladder and then I ran out of paint.
- Organise someone to sand and seal the boards on the upper and lower deck.
- Once the floors are sealed, paint the lining boards and posts with a final coat.
- Get the brick layer to build our front fence.
- Organise front light fitting and gate for fence.
- Get tiler to tile the path.
- Put beading between floors and walls.
- Landscape, landscape, landscape.
And then fix the paintwork again after all these things are done.
For now though, there is nothing I can do until trades people and/or cash start flowing through the house again. So today I'm sitting on my deck, watching the world go by and just enjoying the fact that tomorrow when I wake my first thought won't be to look out the window and try and decide if it's a painting day or not!!

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