Monday, 22 July 2013

It's a Fine Line.

I was at a kids birthday party on Saturday and one of the dads and I
were talking about derby. He had no idea what it was all about except
that is was quite a physically aggressive sport.

So once again I had that conversation; No you can't hit people with
your fists, no you can purposefully trip them, no you can't head butt
them either, and on and on. He ended up asking me with a mixture of
confusion and a bit of doubt that this sport was aggressive at all
"well what can you do?"

So I hip checked him.

Ok, it's not really ok to hip check people unless they are either your
team mates or an opposing team, but I figured we were close enough
friends and he was a big enough guy that a little hip check would just
give him an idea of what it was all about. Don't get me wrong I pulled
my 'punch' and didn't go in hard ... But he almost fell over and spent
the next 15 minutes rubbing his hip looking at me. I apologized
profusely as I hadn't meant to hurt him. And he laughed (thankfully)
and said he got it now, yes it was quite a painful sport.

On Sunday we had our usual training. But this week we also had an off
skates hilarious obstacle course. I, of course, couldn't bare not
going as hard as I possibly could and ended up belly flopping on the
wooden floor, feeling very thankful I had decided to leave all of my
protective gear on (this also proved to me why the only exercise I'm
interested in doing is with wheels on my feet). The photo above is of
my hip/belly bruise.

When I got home I surveyed the damage and added it to the lump on my
shin from a wheel kicking up during pack work, the scratches on my
shoulders from other people's pads and the fingernail marks on my back
from a teammate grabbing my shirt (skin) to get past me. And this was
all only from training.

I giggled as I remembered that as I did the crazy belly flop the team
mate I was racing stopped to see if I was ok. And my reaction as I
jumped back up was to scream at her "Don't stop!!!"

I guess I am well and truly a derby girl after all.

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