Friday, 12 July 2013

Today's Activities.

Today I spent a rather unreasonable amount of time doing the following:

- Trying on a multitude of tights, leggings and socks in a many
different combinations.
- Shopping for completely pathetic foods like nut mixes, high protein
bars/drinks and new water bottles.
- Drinking loads of water and taking vitamins.
- Shaving/waxing.
- Packing and re packing my derby bag.
- Cleaning my wheels, powdering my knee pad covers, checking my toe
stops, re doing my skate laces and making sure my tool bag has
everything I need.
- Figuring out what the hell one wears mid winter in the mountains,
that will also be light enough to carry around, cute enough to wear to
a derby after party, layered enough that I can strip off layers as I
dance and comfy enough for an hour and a half drive home.

Oh ... That must mean that tomorrow is a bout day.


ramblesmith said...

We might just be very looking forward to that bout!

Anonymous said...

Really? Cool!

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