Friday, 19 July 2013

Relax ...?

I took Wednesday off training to rest my body for a week post bout and
today being my day off work I was going to make the most of it. After
two weeks non stop with the kids, a big derby bout and straight into a
week of work, today was MY day.

I had full plans to sit on the lounge and do nothing from the time I
took the kids to school until I had to pick them up. Oh sure I would
take time out to eat something yummy, have a long shower and wash my
hair, maybe even sit in the sun and read my book if the weather was
nice but beyond that I would do nothing. That was the plan.

Instead of sitting down when I got home I decided to I start hosing
the moss off the bricks out the back. Once that was done I moved the
last of the building left overs and all the sleepers for the front
yard into a neater pile 2 meters away. Then I decided to rearrange the
outdoor furniture and pot plants. Scrub the rest of the yard, pull the
weeds and scrub the laundry and the toilet. I stopped just as I
thought about getting a toothbrush to clean the grime built up on my
garden gnomes.

I realized I was hungry so thought perfect, I will eat a late lunch
and watch a movie ...I lasted about 12 minutes.

The inside of my house is now as clean as the outside. Jesus I even
went and dusted the inside of the car!!!

What's wrong with me. I used to be able to spend days doing nothing. I
could ignore mess, I could sit and be still (at least physically, I've
always been terrible at being still mentally) and love every minute if

I blame working/playing derby!! Mixed together with my normal state of
child, hubby, dog and house maintenance, I seem to have forgotten how
to chill out! These last 8 months have been the busiest of my life.

(It's at this point I want to point out that I completely know how
lucky I have been/am and my little rant is just my thought of the day)

Pre kids I worked hard and long hours but once I got home my time was
mostly my own.

Post kids I had a time almost everyday where they would both nap at
the same time, or they would be happily playing and I could be still
for a moment. From the time Hamish was 2 I had at least 2 days where
for 5 hours I had some peace and quiet.

These days there is both more and less down time, mostly because I
have filled the school days with work. And although the kids no
longer require so much of me outside of school hours, I have filled a
lot of that time with derby (both training, secretary stuff, games and
social stuff)

Lesson learnt I suppose. I have more energy now and so if I take a
night off training I had better find a way to use up that energy
otherwise I will find myself lifting couches one handed, like a
superhero, to vacuum underneath.

Upside, my space looks amazing and I did end up finding time to have a
long shower and wash my hair.


N-Lo said...

This sounds like that episode of The Middle :-)

Anonymous said...

Yep that's pretty much what it felt like as well :) ahh how I long for a day of dodgy movies or books in the sun!

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