Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Christmas Baubles

Well its definitely the festive season and we have finally put our tree up. We are doing the advent calendar each night and we have had our street Christmas party.

The tree this year was challenging firstly the kids broke a few bits but it was also a challenge for me to relinquish the decorating a bit and let them have free reign. (then i slyly moved a few pieces later)
Last year Jack asked for a sleigh bell off Santa's sleigh so i wrote to 6 or so sleigh bell manufactures in the US and finally found someone who was willing to ship some out at a good price. Its silver and has a lovely ring to it, the piece of leather is beautiful and soft, we have one for each of the boys.
The boys and i made some Christmas decoration this year. They are clay with glass beads pressed into them. Hamish decided to pull all of the beads off a few but this one survived.

A few years after Andrew and i got together mum gave me all of my really special Christmas decorations, you know the ones that had been on every Christmas tree since i was born. The first Christmas that we had the dogs they ate my angel. I was extremely upset and searched high and low for the perfect replacement. I didn't ever find the *perfect* replacement but this is our current angel and i like her a lot.

When i was 9 i spent Christmas in Denmark with Inge's family. Her mum Mims gave me these Nyssa's (Norwegian elves) to take home and they have always had a special place in my Christmas ritual.

Normally the old guy across the road is Santa at out street Christmas party but he is unwell this year and asked for a year off. Without consultation i told them that Andrew would be Santa, and a few days before the party i mentioned it to him. He was pretty cranky and i worried he was going to be a crabby Santa. Much to my delight he put on a great show, but has mentioned that he will lobotomise me if i say he will be Santa again next year

Finally this is our new Advent calendar. I brought it from oxfam and filled the little pockets with stickers and balloons, party poppers and the occasional candy cane. I fell in love with it last year and regretted not buying it so i feel pretty pleased with myself now that it is part of our Christmas tradition .... actually can it be a tradition the first year you do it?

I saw a cool idea on Owlets blog. They write activities to do each day, she got the idea from another blog and below if the list of activities they used last year. I think its a great idea and hope that i remember next year to fill the little pockets a bit more creatively.

1. Paint everyone’s toenails

2. Have hot chocolate with all the fixings (we might do milkshakes if it’s too hot)

3. Star gazing

4. Give everyone crazy hairstyles

5. Backyard cricket

6. Go out for sushi

7. Have an indoor picnic

8. Write letters to Father Christmas

9. Use puppets to tell bedtime story

10. Have breakfast for dinner (I am thinking pancakes)

11. Make decorations for the tree

12. Have a camp out around the Christmas tree

13. Pack a picnic dinner and have it at a park (or Botanical Gardens)

14. Fancy dress for dinner time

15. Wrap a toy and take it to a charity Christmas tree

16. Make handmade gift tags for relatives

17. Fish and Chips for dinner down at the beach

18. Fold origami for the Christmas tree

19. Dance like crazy to music

20. Watch a Christmas movie with popcorn

21. Go out for gelati

22. Take Grandparents out to see the Christmas lights

23. Have a bubble bath

24. Special Christmas Eve treat TBA


Catriona said...

What about those of us who don't have any grandparents left/in the country? Is there an alternative for number 22?

Wondering Willow said...

Well yes I did wonder about that one. I think that it may have been added to appease the In-laws

Maybe it could be take your Aunty Treena to see the Christmas lights?

Catriona said...

Yes! Auntie Treena wishes to be taken to see the Christmas lights!

(But you're right: I don't know anything about the person who originally wrote the list, but number 22 could easily be read as, "You know your parents drive me mad, but we really should spend at least one day with them before Christmas . . .")

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