Monday, 1 December 2008

The Paratha Dosa Incident

OK, so maybe I was chatting to my friend and not paying attention.  And maybe the fact that I had a swaying two year old on my back was rather distracting but I am certainly NOT the one with the problem.

If you want to accost me in front of the queue of people after I have already ordered and payed to tell me that their is a queue, well you are going to get my angry side (partially because of the swaying two year old) when I said that I was sorry your response 'that's convenient' certainly seemed like you wanted to 'have a problem' I certainly didn't want to have a problem, I just wanted lunch.

So in hindsight I should have seen the queue.  And yes I would have been annoyed if some upstart jumped in front of me but as I saw her about to order I would have said "excuse me were you aware that there is a queue".  Instead you waited until I had my food in my hand and then told me off like a naughty school girl in front of everyone.

And in response to your comment that you 'don't have a problem' I say you do, firstly you weren't upfront enough to mention the queue when I first ordered and then when I meekly apologised (meek didn't last long after you got in my face though) and said that I was unaware, your rude comment about it 'being convenient' certainly seemed at the time like you had a big problem.

I on the other hand think I handled myself rather well once again as with the park lady incident.  I didn't say what my gut told me which was 'fuck off man, what the hell are you doing at this laid back organic market when you are quite obviously an asshole'
Oh and by the way my Paratha Dosa banquet was awesome *insert rasberry sound*
*rant finished*

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