Sunday, 15 March 2009

Embracing the Penny

Ok its time for So You Think You Can Dance again, and this year I am slightly underwhelmed.  I just dont think it has the bang of last season.  There are a few highlights though and a couple of great dancers one of them is the previous cheerleader Penny hence the title of this post, a couple of memorable routines and I though the top 100 week was totally worth watching

One of the best parts about any dance show is watching it with the kids, they often spend most of the show copying the steps or showing us their own choreography, which normally includes putting their head on the floor, a leg in the air and spinning around.

I love their confidence with dancing, Hamish has no doubt that what he is doing is right and beautiful and Jack is so sure that he is a skilled dancer that when I told him his friends were doing dance classes (wondering if he would like to do some as well) and he said 'but mummy, they could just come here and i could teach them' ..... you've got to love the belief that kids have in their own capabilities


Kim said...

You kno what? I cant wait to finally meet these nephews (almost) of mine! I adore them so much already....

Wondering Willow said...

How cool would it be to get together !! one day :) (and thanks they are pretty awesome even when they are manic)

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