Monday, 30 March 2009

Random Web Crazies

Ok so it's been a while, I thought that as soon as Andrew returned from his midlife crisis trip to Vegas *grin* I would jump back into blogging, but I did something painful to my back and its had me spending most of my time lying on my back.

So now its time to catch up on a few of the weird things that I have seen while browsing the web this week.  Firstly thanks to Treenas Facebook updates I went to visit  There was some discussion that it was quiet meditative .... I actually found it the opposite, it made me want to hurl the computer across the room, and I now have a fairly irrational fear of badgers .....

Secondly there were two postsecrets today one that made me think;

(I actually used to think that mum might be somewhere else, and that one day we would just bump into each other as I walked down the street.  It might seem a little morbid but really it was just a nice way of imagining meeting her again one day.)

And one that made me laugh;

(Death Buddy, am I the only one who thinks thats funny?) 

Off I go singing, badgersbadgersbadgersbadgersbadgersbadgersbadgersbadgers MUSHROOM MUSHROOM .......

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