Sunday, 15 March 2009

Random Nothings

I have been realizing that the reason that this blog has been quiet over the last few weeks is that my life has been in this monotonous yet panicked state otherwise known as, nothing much happening but I'm still really busy.  It hasn't left my brain with time to think about things to rant or feel passionate about, its having trouble just getting dinner ready.

And even when I can think of things to blog about I just can't seem to find the time to actually sit and write. This morning we have all jumped into the car to pick something up in the city and so I have some time to update on the weeks activities, none of which on their own are blog worthy;

* Jack has hit new levels of loveliness, he stopped playing with his friends to lay down with his brother at preschool and help him go to sleep (actually this should probably be a post on its own, the teacher at preschool actually called to tell me what a divine big brother he is)
* I went with a group of kids to visit the preschool chickens and organic garden, and watched Hamish collect his first egg (see picture above)
* Andrew leaves for Vegas for a week on Thursday, its his big 40th Birthday boys bash
* Jack and I have been doing a lot of talking about mum and he asked for a photo of her by his bed, he has also been asking a lot of questions about her and assures me that she would have loved he and Hamish
* All this talk about mum has been spurred on by the fact that my aunt Naida is out for just over a week and we have been going down to spend time with her and Libby
* I'm still procrastinating on the last portions of my course, but am keenly aware that I only have a year to finish
* We had a house guest for a couple of days and it brought to the forefront just how small our house is when 2 kids 2 dogs and 3 adults are all trying to do different activities in the same space
* Yesterday we had a huge rainstorm, 2 inches of water in 20 minutes.  And in the mad rush to close windows put pots under drips and generally batten down the hatches it appears that I threw my keys in the bin, a fact I didn't realize until I had spent 15 minutes looking for them this morning, after I had covered them with dinner scraps and left them to stew overnight.

As I mentioned in a post recently, I don't want this blog to become an, updates on me and the kids, blog because really that is only going to be of interest to me the grandparents and a few random others so please bear with me as life takes a breath and I'm able to put my brain into a few more interesting things.

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