Saturday, 4 September 2010

Could this be love?

After months of talking and dealing with a semi broken Blackberry.  On Friday I finally took delivery (that is to say that AB gave me) an iPhone.  I had done so much thinking and playing with other peoples iPhones, but I was still unsure that it would do all the things I wanted it to do.  I also realised that everyone .... EVERYONE (well almost) has one.  But I couldn't quiet decide, were people buying them because they were staunch Apple lovers or lemmings? or were they buying them because they were really THAT great.

Well, after a day of playing, downloading little free apps and taking photos.  I can officially say that I am loving my iPhone.  I loved my Blackberry as well, but it was well and truly time for a change.

So now to get my head around the last few bits and pieces and take more photos, changing them to look like Polaroids.

I mean that's what an iPhone is for, right?


Catriona said...

Is that through Hipstamatic? I don't recognise the framing.

Wondering Willow said...

No it's through 2 free apps one is called Polaroid the other is Mill colour. Still working the bugs out though. There was actually a whole lot of txt to go with it that didn't seem to come through.

Catriona said...

So why aren't you using Hipstamatic? Seriously, it's awesome. And so is Swankolab, though it takes a bit of fiddling.

Wondering Willow said...

Because I'm not quiet up to buying apps yet. I feel like I want to get my head around it all a bit and see whats out there. Plus there are so many apps I want I need to take it easy *grin*

shae said...

iPhone is totally for stuff like that. The hipstamatic is totally worth it! It's awesome

Wondering Willow said...

I totally agree Shae. Hipstamatic is well and truely on my top 5 apps to download ASAP list. Along with Angry Birds, Plants V Zombies and a book reading program ... maybe a note organising program as well (the last two are for when Im travelling)

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