Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Imaginary Friends

When I was 10 I decided I wanted and imaginary friend. Her name was Susan and I talked to her when I was lonely or scared. I played games and told her my secrets. The trouble was, I didn't ever believe in her. I kept hoping that one day she would feel real. But she didn't and talking to her actually made me feel more lonely than I did before.

So apparently an imaginary friend is not one of those things you can pretend to have (either that or you need to have more patience/imagination than I have).

Hamish has an imaginary friend at the moment. His name is Uncle Harry. Hamish is talking about him all the time. Uncle Harry seems to be both mischievous and an expert on just about everything being responsible for things like:
- Eating the last of the strawberries
- And explaining how clouds and pobo (pogo) sticks and work together to make the thunder. 
Oh and Uncle Harry is apparently dead, and Hamish's other dad.  Both of which give the whole thing a slightly eerie edge.

Apparently, he is old (like Grandpa Mick) Very big like a giant (and daddy). And very very smart.

I'm loving listening to the stories about him. And the imagination that Hamish is showing. Although sometimes I want to yell at Uncle Harry for telling Hamish it's ok to throw all of his toys around the room, or that you will die if you eat broccoli, I appreciate that Uncle Harry is teaching Hamish other important lessons.

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