Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Advent Calendar

I had a feeling that I had written about our advent calendar already, but it appears that maybe I only wrote it in my head.

We bought a handmade advent calendar from oxfam last year. I had read on owlets blog that she puts activities for the family to do in each pocket. Last year that required me to be to organised so I filled it with stickers and candy canes and other little bits.

But this year I was organised. I filled each little pocket with things for us to do each night. So far the favorites have been.

- Paint every ones toenails
- Have dinner for breakfast (pancakes)
- Have fish and chips at the beach (it rained so we had fish and chips at home)
- Make tags for Christmas gifts

And the least favorites have been:

- Fancy dress for dinner (Jack doesn't like dressing up)
- Give everyone crazy hairstyles (having just shaved Jacks head it was a non event)
- Make Christmas decorations (seeing we had decorated the tree a few days before hand no one much felt like doing it all over again)

Last nights was meant to be, have a bubble bath. And it looked like a least favorite as well. But this morning the boys decided to have a bubble pool outside. It was a chilly morning so I bucketed hot water into it. Tonights is meant to be, go and see the Christmas lights. But both boys seem so tired I wonder if they will still be awake by the time the sun goes down?

I'm loving this idea. We have had far more hits than misses and it feels far more rewarding than the stickers and sweets.


Jo said...

Sounds great Leigh. We're doing the lollies and trinkets this year and it does feel pretty hollow, especially with all the other excesses around at this time of year. Think I'll keep your idea in mind for next year :-)

casso said...

I really want to do this but have been waiting until Ted's a bit more reliable in his waking period to suggest certain activities (like dinner stuff). Love your suggestions! Did you just buy it from Oxfam at Broadway? I wonder if they'll be on special after Christmas?

Wondering Willow said...

Cant believe I didn't reply to these. I havent been getting any notifications so just in case you check back in Cas, yes i did get it from Oxfam at broadway. The year I bought mine I had tried in Jan to get it on sale to no event so I bought it for $30 in November. Jo, check out http://owlet-designs.blogspot.com/ for her list of advent ides that I stole and then modified. :)

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