Friday, 31 December 2010

New Years Eve

While everyone is planning their New Years Eve celebrations I am driving to a friends property and pondering the universe. Why? Well, it's my birthday tomorrow and for some reason this one smarts a little bit. The last few years have sped past so fast that each year, I have barely become accustomed to my new age before it's time to do it all over again.

It seems to me that the younger I feel on the inside, the older my body gets, what's with that? Maybe it has to do with finally being out of that heavy mothering phase with little babies and finding myself again? Maybe it's what everyone goes through? Maybe I'm just a little bit mad? Whatever it is I find this whole 'getting older' thing a bit of a drag.

Saying that, I am excited about this coming year. I love the idea that at the moment it's a blank canvas just ready for me to paint another years worth of experiences on. And isn't that just what life is? A canvas for each year that we paint our life into?

Whoever you are, the year ticking over probably makes you think a little. Both about the year past and the year to come. Have you made a new years resolution? Or planned something that you want to do in 2011? Is there something that you need to say goodbye to from 2010?

Personally the closest thing I have to a new years resolution for 2011 is to enjoy it. I'm saying goodbye to one of the best and yet hardest years I've had. And I'm hoping to get my head around my new age, and actually embrace it.

You never know this coming year could be one of those years you remember with fondness when your at the end of your life. Isn't that possibility something to be excited about!

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