Saturday, 11 December 2010

Summer Loving - Water Fights

The sun has finally come out today. It's beating down making the concrete so hot that it's burning the bottoms of our feet. The smell of warming grass is wafting through the air. What to do on a day like today?

The kids decided it was water fight day. They got out every bucket, super soaker and hose they could find and then I came up with the mother load. Water balloons!!!

Hours later, after they had saturated the entire lower end of our street they came in and crashed out. Exhausted, pink nosed and completely satisfied.

Oh how I remember summers like that! Next time I think I might join them.

Watching - the final of The Walking Dead. (Note:I would have left the building as well)

Listening - The Temper Trap, I'm having a mini love affair with 'Love Lost' again

Reading - Catching up on NetNews Wire feeds. So many blogs, so little time

Mental State - Tired but refreshed after our Xmas party last night. Nothing quite like hanging on the street till 2am with your neighbors.

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