Thursday, 16 December 2010

Most Disturbing Kids Movies

Sometimes as I go to write a blog post about something specific I do a bit of searching I realise that someone has already written it.  Normally, I'm not in complete agreement with the other writer and I decide to write my own.  This time, I whole heartedly agree with the post.  (especially the note about Watership Down)

And although I may have left off Pans Labyrinth and added Jaws (cause lord knows most of us saw that WAY to young) I feel confident in sharing this and happy to save myself the time and effort of linking to all those youTube sites.  :)

So this link pretty much contains my thoughts on the most disturbing kids movies of all time.


greendraggon said...

I love Labyrinth, could recite the entire movie as a teen but yep, heartily agree with this:
"watching David Bowie sashay around in an enhanced codpiece for hours on end has informed (or malformed) my concept of gender types far more than I’d like to admit."

Wondering Willow said...

Lol yes that gave me a giggle. I loved labyrinth as well. Actually a lot of those films are in my favorite all time kids movies. Which, when I think about how disturbing they were, explains a lot about my childhood and who I am today :)

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