Thursday, 20 January 2011

Conversations with a Six Year Old.

Jack - Mummy I love you so much, I don't think I could ever stop loving you.
Me - Me too babe. I love you so much that sometimes when you are away from me, my heart hurts.
J - Why?
M - Cause I love you so much and miss you when your not with me.
J - But mummy your heart doesn't need to hurt. There is an invisible, stretchy rope between our hearts, so even when we are away from each other it keeps us together. It's around our whole, entire family even the dogs. And it's so long it could go around the world.

(oh goodness, my children really know how to speak to my heart)


funkylamb said...

That is beautiful...

hrmustang said...

seriously adorable... so true, sometimes the children and their innocence bring the most knowledge and inspiration. love it

Wondering Willow said...

It really proves that old adage "from the mouths of babe". Xx

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