Thursday, 13 January 2011

If if Makes You Happy.

We live behind a small set of units. At the side of them, some of the residence have made a garden. At first it was filled with herbs and easy growing things like tomatoes. But as time has gone on one resident has started adding a ... personal touch.

There are dolls heads on the fence posts and hundreds of little figurines that are glued, wedged and perched on every surface. It looks amazing and kind of freaky. But I love that she has obviously found something that makes her feel happy and just gone for broke with it.

I'm wondering what can I (or you) do thats a little bit nutty, but makes me feel joyous whenever I see it? Maybe I could follow her lead and start putting more colorful detail in or garden, maybe I could paint a room in our house a fabulous colour that fills me with happiness, or cover our lounge in some crazy clashing fabrics.

I don't know but I think that when it comes to decorating our own spaces, we often don't go crazy enough.

And we may not want to overrun any of our spaces, outdoors or in, quiet the way this woman has, but there has to be something to learn from it. (other than that I may live behind a crazy woman)

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