Saturday, 15 January 2011

Note to Self

It's late and I'm tried after two full days of scrubbing and cleaning our house, inside and out. But tonight, long after Andrew and the kids went to bed I found myself snuggled on the lounge watching 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. Nothing much unusual about that, seeing that I love a late night horror movie (the dodgier the better).

Tonight though, it's uncomfortably humid and so the entire house is open, while I try in vain to catch some of the cool night air.

I'm at a particularly tense part of the movie when suddenly from outside, right next to the lounge room window I hear, "hellllooooooooooooo". I totally freaked, sat as still as I could, staring at the window. Fully aware that whoever (or whatever) was out there, had a much better view of me than I did of it. The worst part, the dogs didn't hear it and so they didn't move. Normally when they start barking it pulls me out of my fear induced paralysis, but tonight they decided to sleep right through it.

Then again, right at the window "hellllooooooooooo". This time I decided that I was going to have to be brave and walk towards the window. Now the last thing I want is for either;
1. The dogs to bark and scare me to death or
2. Anything to say hello at the bloody window again.

I peer out into the darkness, feeling braver as I remember that we have bars on the windows. Then freaking as I remember that the things that scare me, that really give me the willies aren't very concerned with bars or the like. The things that go bump in the night don't use doors or if they do they normally break them down.

Finally (about 5 seconds - but man it was a looong 5 seconds) I'm at the window. At first I see nothing, then just below the window, I see something black moving.

Just I time to stop me screaming the house down for Andrew to come and save me I realize it's a cat. It's stalking another cat and making a noise that sounds exactly like a chainsaw wielding maniac saying hello very softly and creepily right underneath a lounge room window.

So note to self; Close all windows if your planning on watching horror movies by yourself.

I know what your thinking, don't watch horror movies in the first place! But where is the fun in that .... bugger I need to wee ... Argh!!!!

Listening - Thievery Corporation
Watching - Isnt it obvious?
Reading - Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things
State of Mind - I think that's pretty obvious too.

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