Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Holiday Shots

Fire Twirlers - Learning to be a fire twirler #22 on my to do list

These beautiful puppets had lanterns in their heads and walked around glowing during the night, freaked out the kids a bit so it was good for them to have a talk to one during the day, i didn't add it but the next photo in this series is hilarious, the puppet bent down to talk to Hamish and he almost peed his pants.

After a hard night on the chai, everyone crashed out in the super chilled chai tent

Feeling relaxed after a swim in the Bellinger river, in my opinion the most beautiful part of the whole trip
Our Hill End camping spot, with Trish and Antonys awesome circus tent, and our Shangri-La

Finding a quiet space out of the heat

For the boy who loves to pick, camping wounds are manna from heaven

Hamish, completely content after playing in the sandpit with Jack and Arieal and probably about to get into mischief

Best friends take some time out from running squabbling and laughing to sketch the scenery

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