Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Rug

As promised, here is a photo of the rug Catriona made me for my 30th birthday and that I had in time for my 31st. 

Its made of 3 strips of flannel material plated together and then wound in an oval shape and stitched together.  The stitches are hidden on the inside so that although there is a front and back you could really have it either way round.  Because there is so much material in it, its a beautiful soft rug to and I have spent many hours standing on it rocking my babies to sleep.

She has the prototype of the same sort of rug in her lounge, and as much as I originally wanted to put mine in our lounge and decided not to cause the kids/dogs would trash it. In the end I'm glad its in my bedroom. It gives it the warmest comfy homely feel.

It totally deserves a post all to itself, its the most beautiful present I have ever received ......... I mean can you even imagine the amount of work that went into it and all while Catriona was doing her PhD.

Its divine, as is she, thank you my beautiful friend.

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Catriona said...

All I remember is Andrew saying, "That turned out better than I thought it would!" in a surprised tone of voice.

Which is good, since he'd clearly spent a year thinking, "Man, we're going to have to have an ugly rug on the floor for years."

Yours is nicer than mine: I should never have used the ugly green in mine. Though I love mine, too.

That looks great there, though--fits the space beautifully.

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